What stops you from living as you would wish?

Perhaps you see problems as beyond your control: caused by the behaviour of someone close to you – a partner, a parent or a child – if only they could just change, all would be well

There are many reasons for seeking help and I think the following may capture most of these:  

the wish to be free of a thought or feeling that stops you from living as you would wish. 

Sometimes, the problem is seen as an issue beyond our control, for example caused by the behaviour of a partner, parent or child, and that if they could just change all would be well.  For others, it feels as though the world would be better without us in it which brings unbearable feelings of loneliness and despair.

In the course of psychotherapy, often repeated patterns appear and can slowly be explored and understood.  

Sometimes, it can feel even more worrying to talk and sometimes impossible! 

 The regularity and structure of the same time and place, the start and finish on time helps to build a sense of reliability and trust.  

Confidentiality is essential.

And time … your difficulties build up over years, they will not disappear within weeks.  It is helpful to know that 6 months would be the minimum time for benefits to yield.   

We can all make a good effort at coping with the ups and downs of life. But when problems persist and cause you to feel anxious, distressed, puzzled, even angry – and stubbornly stop you living life as you would wish, then psychotherapy can help.

You may be feeling problems like:

Psychotherapy is an effective one-to-one therapy that treats anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and many other conditions. The treatment is suitable for adults, for children and for adolescents, and can be delivered face-to-face or online.

I have over 40 years experience with the NHS in Scotland and in London, the world-renowned Anna Freud Centre in London, and now my own private practice in Ayr. Click here to set up an initial chat.