From birth to adolescence, the path can be occasionally rocky.  Sometimes the rough patches feel insurmountable and your child appears unable to find a way through.

Or they may even appear to be set on making things harder.  

As parents, we feel too close to the issues and too anxious to think. We need someone on the outside to help us see more clearly.   

Some common problems are:

  • Sleep
  • Toileting
  • Eating difficulties 
  • Anxiety, low mood 
  • Difficulties with managing anger and aggression
  • Being neuro-atypical ( on the ASD spectrum/difficulty in regulating emotions/difficulty with making friends)
  • Dealing with changes in the family whether the arrival of a sibling, separation of parents or bereavement.

Children rarely wish to sit and talk about their feelings, but through working with a therapist, can quickly come to understand that ideas and feelings can be expressed and understood through creative activities and play. 

Being able to communicate upset feelings also needs for there to be parents able to hear.  Regular parent sessions are an important part of therapy, to support parents in understanding their child and supporting their child in the journey ahead.