Things can get tough for parents… for adoptive parents… for foster parents …kinship carers …indeed, anyone who has the responsibility of bringing up a child.

When you’re feeling under such pressure from a family problem, you can often be unsure of what is actually happening. Your child may seem to have changed or even become unreachable. You don’t understand why, and you don’t know what to do about it.

That’s when a short series of parenting consultations can offer timely help, usually spread over two or three sessions. Frequent problems brought to these sessions include:

  • Feeling anxious and depressed
  • Showing disruptive behaviour 
  • Worrying about social media conversations
  • Having eating disorders
  • Coping with bereavement
  • Dealing with bullying at school
  • Experiencing phobias
  • Spending too much time on technology
  • Understanding gender identity

Parenting Consultations are usually spread over two or three sessions. These sessions give you the chance to talk openly about your situation, to explain how you feel, and to get some understanding and clarity about the problem.

These can be held either in-person or online, whichever you prefer. The first step is to fill in a short enquiry form where you can give me an outline of the issues and what has been tried before. It also helps you to draw together all the points you wish to cover when we meet.